Catching up

Today I finally got somewhat caught up on the ol’ blog here. This is of course its third incarnation since 2007 and I finally got some of the backlogged articles from the other versions onto this one. I am now as far back as 2008 and I hope to get it all the way back to the beginning one of these days. I’ll get that done right after I finally add in the 300 or so links I have to put up on my website. MaƱana compadre.

On a side note I have also been catching up in the darkroom the past couple of months and making new work. That is correct and your eyes are working fine – I did say darkroom. I have been working in black and white over the past year or so and developing my own film for a project I have been working on. Now why many of you may ask “Why the fuck would you waste your time in the darkroom?” I also think many of you know the answer. Digital, while it is a speedy and useful tool for cranking out a plethora of images, is not how I generally work when I am immersed in a project. I am slow and methodical.

I have also been working quite a bit in large format. Setting up the camera gives me the time to think about what I am doing and especially useful for portraits. It gives me the time to chat with the subject and get them comfortable in front of the camera. After 20 minutes or so, most people settle into the experience and become completely different people in front of the camera. One of my favorite images of all time was made because my camera lens was malfunctioning and after an hour of fiddling with it and talking to the subject we had this amazing final moment when the shutter clicked. You can see in the photo of Ralph below what I am talking about. He started out completely nervous and fidgety, but after he read me some poetry he had been working on and told me about having rickets as a child we were on a completely different level. Ralph was almost in tears when I brought him a framed copy about a month later. His exact word were – “This is me”