Free camera? and the marketing miscellany…

Seriously? All you have to do is be careless and place your camera in precarious situations and then post the video? Wow. Marketing has really taken a dive. I know tons of talented individuals out there who could use a free camera and they can actually promise to make some compelling work. And that is my question for the day. What is good marketing? Apparently to some it is giving away things to popular videos. In terms of money, it is a good marketing strategy. A half a million views give or take and your name plastered on it. But what about responsible marketing? What about putting free equipment into the hands of some people who need it and want to make a difference? What about free equipment for people to use to get their voice heard around the world? Imagine putting the cameras into the hands of young people living in poverty to let them document their world for everyone else to see. Don’t get me wrong there are a few people doing this, but for the most part we don’t hear about it. Instead we get cameras being destroyed making stock footage.

On a lighter marketing note, I deleted my Facebook account today. Now that may seem very strange to most of you marketing geniuses out there, but honestly I think my time can be much better spent. I don’t care who ate a bagel with whom and I haven’t checked my account on more than a weekly basis in months. I would much rather spend my time having real conversations with people face to face or actually working on my craft and my art.

BTW has anyone else noticed that the death of the blog is nigh?