Damn you Adobe!

I had the unthinkable happen today. My entire Adobe Creative Suite quit working. Two hours on the phone with Umesh at Adobe customer support got things up and running and a reinstall of everything seem to do the trick. Thanks for fixing that problem Adobe. I do appreciate it. The only problem was that Umesh, via remote desktop, cleared my entire Adobe product catalog, which also included a copy of InDesign CS4 which I no longer have the install CD for. Emails and phone calls back to Adobe yielded no results and to be quite honest I was tired of being on the phone.

Fortunately, if you own a legit copy of Adobe products they keep records of your serial numbers on products you have purchased from them and registered. A simple login at Adobe will get you to this info. Next I went to download another copy of InDesign CS4 from Adobe to punch in my serial number on. No such luck. Adobe removes all links to old versions. We are now on to CS5.

Another stroke of luck brought me to someone’s site who did some serious digging and came up with a link to tons of old versions of Adobe products which they still have on their site available for download. Why Adobe doesn’t have this list is beyond me. Here is the link http://technolux.blogspot.com/ Whoever this is saved my ass. An hour of downloading InDesign CS4 and punch in my old serial number and voila.

I hope this helps someone else in the future and saves some time and heartache.