2009 books of note

There are three books from the past year that I seem to keep picking up. There were some great books this year that I enjoyed, Fall River Boys, Fake Holidays, etc, but there are a definite three that I have gone back to multiple times.

AMERICAN POWER – Mitch Epstein
I absolutely love this book. I know it has not been out very long yet but I have been waiting for this work to come out in book format for quite some time now.

Another book that I have had for about 5 months now and have looked through over and over again. I simply cannot get enough of this book and every time I look at it I see something new.

MP3 VOLUME II – Curtis Mann, John Opera, and Stacy Yeapanis
Well to be honest it is really Curtis Mann’s book that get’s all the attention but as it is part of a set, you get all three. I think of it as a buy one get two free kind of deal. And.. if Curtis Mann isn’t your cup of tea you have two other choices that might just do it for you.

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